Hi I'm Splendid Sigh and from what I've been told I'm a sort of seer. But predictions don't pay bills as well as they should,need help with something else? I can provide: potions,lotions, syrups and salves.If you'd like a reading or prediction too, just ask! This blog is heavily ask based.

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There are somethings that magic can fix and things that magic cannot. When you let things develop over a while it can only get worse… I realized my eye damage too late. Magic can take pain away but it can’t make my eye the way it was.I’m fine with it friends but some days I don’t want to remember it’s there.

Mun’s Notes: Splendid’s star shaped cataract is from blunt force damage. It will swell a bit from time to time but can not be fixed without surgery.



… Who are you?

((Yes—update at last! Thank you for the understanding on the late post my lovely peeps, that meant a lot to me, but now we have our first fill glimpse of her parents! Or do we…? Ask them—let’s see what you got my lovely peeps uwu

-Loads of love from the admin))

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MUN: I’ve been crazy busy but this blog is worth a look see. I am loving the style and story so far~


Kraes Mom/Julie:  Cute things for everyone!!



kraes:  GETOUTTAMYROOM!!!11!!


" A seer worth seeing"

DX  She has such beautiful hair and I made it look like someone barfed on her face DXX

Anyway ^^;; ,  fanart for the loveable Splendid Sigh. I didn’t find a submitbox on neither of her blogs so I’ll just put it here in hope she doesn’t  find it.


I do have a submit box, on the left hand side in the navigation menu there is a little tab labeled ‘for me?’

And here it is~ The complete Splendid Collab with ponygiftart!! This was so much fun to colour and I hope to do it again soon!


Full Linework of Splendid Sigh as a slightly magical potion-maker slash wanderer/traveler! ;) Half part of a collab!

I’ll be doing the colouring for this! I am very excited to get started!

I’ve made it to 300  301 I don’t even know how to celebrate!

I’m just one away from 300 and I haven’t celebrated milestones in forever…

Please help me leave home.


Hello followers and friends new and old,

Usually I put up some pretty good posts and a few personal posts but rarely do I ever post something as personal as this. This is because I’ve seen tumblr help many and I am hoping to spread my story to get the help I need. This will be an incredibly long post from me so please bear with me.

My name is Juni and I am twenty two years old. I have been kicking my own ass to find jobs of any kind and am well on my way to get a license. I also have type one diabetes,I have been living with it for twelve years now and I’m finally as stable as I can be with it. Few who know me personally have heard of my shitty relationship with my family. I used to go to school to pursue my dreams in art but had to pay out of my own pocket because my aunts and parental figures would not give me money even if I asked. Any money I’ve been given or have earned thus far has gone into a small savings so I can still live a normal life. 

My current situation is this: For over four years I’ve been living under my grandmother’s roof due to my aunt ‘not wanting to take care of me any more’ and my grandmother wanting to. By which I know as house me. Yes I currently live rent free in a run down neighborhood and want to get out. My grandmother has been a cruel woman not only to myself but to those who are most important to me. She calls us rude,tells us we disrespect her or blatantly ignores us,even banging doors to cupboards till we leave the room. We all greet her,treat her with respect and stay out of her way. I mostly stay in my room when she is home because I feel like I am angering her with anything I do. She says I do not clean my room and you can ask a lot of people who know me,I do a lot of cleaning. She has demanded from me that I get a full time job AND go to school full time…with my own money.

The situation has gotten so out of hand that I discovered that she is kicking my father and myself out by August to rent to other family members and her own friends. Trying to pull the wool over my eyes when it comes to who she will be renting out to and why,honestly I found this all out from my father.

He wants to send me back to Germany to live with relatives there but I do not want to go. I want to find a place to live with those people who are important to me. Specifically: melodicredhawk, bluefoxstudio,and maybe themisterazuma. These three guys have been grounding rocks in my life. Seriously I really love the living SHIT out of them. I’d even kill for them but that’s another story.

Living right outside of San Francisco is hard,everything is expensive and people say they are hiring but won’t always hire no matter how much you call and bother and plead.  I was horribly ill in November and December landing me in the hospital. With my insurance having run out I am still paying off a bill over 60k, slowly paying it off bit by bit with help from good friends and what little I make from commissions and odd jobs. I know any more money I make goes to paying off this first. I do have insurance now but it does not cover what had happened when I was without it,since it was too far back.

Please I am open for commissions I have a price sheet plus a larger version here: {x}

You can even check out my art blog and Deviantart page, for examples of what I draw.


I need help and want to find a place within the Bay Area,for a good price. If you know of anything too please send me information. Or if you’re an employer looking for someone to work for you,please contact me too!

If by some miracle you’d like to donate please click the button of the side under my lil bouncing pixel.

At the very least please reblog…Please spread the word.

Thank you for reading,I’m very grateful.


As the crowd raises their hands and screams,it never reaches your ears…The beats in your ears and in your heart will never stop. The music powers your very soul. Your hands raise as you feel the goosebumps raise on your flesh,little hairs standing on end. You bring them down on your set and the crowd jumps to the sound the comes from the very speakers,giving them life. Giving you life.

This music is your soul,your life blood. 



It took me three weeks to get this image the way I wanted. Vectoring the Bass canon and drawing Scratch myself. I’m so happy with the result. It started as a Dave drawing but then ‘I was like no gotta pony.’

Mun’s been working on other art pieces between updates

*dons glasses* From my personal exprirence the cragidile has a very tough hide sometimes compared to that of diamonds depending on age. Obsidian is still a young adult,so a tough underbelly is still developing,currently it feels like soft sand,the more belly rubs the better. the formation of ridges on his back he prefers to be brushed with steel wool most of the time,but if it’s a hot day he loves a cold towel. He doesn’t like his feet to be touched for some reason but will give a type of pat with his chin or a nuzzle if comfortable with you. "Chinpats"* are also a sign of approval.

*chin pats - think Kevin the bird from Up patting Mister Fredrickson on the head with the bottom half of his beak.

Like I’ve said before,he’s protective of me. He’ll size anyone up for a while,heh. It’s pretty cute but sometimes over whelming…I’m not really sure about what it would be like dating a dragon though. Never dated one.

As for the interaction I had with Elder…it was complicated and I want to forget it…Thank you thought for you kind words Emil.

Any Questions?



Fanime 2014 is coming up and I finally have my list of cosplays together! Anyone who’s going I’ve love to meet up! Especially followers~

spelled schedule wrong…

Yep with spelling errors and safety pins the Mun will be attending Fanime 2014.   Send a Message if you’d like to meet up~